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Resistance Flexibility Changes How You Move
Ki-Hara & Dynamic Contraction Technique

are two related methods that build strength and flexibility dynamically at the same time.   This science-based method reduces both muscle tension (knots, ropes...) and fascial tension restoring ease of movement throughout a greater range of motion.   

RESULTS:  Improve range of motion, feel stronger and move better with more power and less effort.   In order to be truly functional, one must have a balance of both strength and flexibility throughout the range of motion.  Learn to move efficiently - without pain or twinges. Feel the freedom to move that you once had - without having to think about it. Remember that?


This is easily where it was before (the resistance stretching)


I bet you did maybe 2 stretches- it wasn't more than that. Amazing is what it was!

Steve Capobianco, 

Medical Director, RockTape

How Can I help ?

Everything is connected so a holistic approach is needed to uncover the root cause(s) of any issues. It is not enough to slap a band aid on the symptom. Take the time, devote the energy, commit yourself to your quality of life because you are worth it. 

CARA - Fitness Instructor

Wounded Warrior Tennis Camp

San Diego, CA



The resistance stretching exercises and the effort it took really tired me out AND relaxed my muscles in a way that they hadn't been in a long time.  And the flexibility that came from that was pretty shocking.


The Previdi System

I just had some KI-HARA resistance stretching with Jeebee and she also applied some RockTape for my knee.  We started out stretching my quads which felt good. I just went back onto the tennis court and played for an hour after the stretching and the taping. I am really impressed with being able to move laterally, forward and back, run around the court and it just felt great! So thank you so much.

CARA BELTRAN, Fitness Instructor

Wounded Warrior Tennis Camp

Jeebee performed some resistance flexibility on my hip flexor which was really sore for days now.  It took about 5-6 minutes and walking around, I can already feel how much looser it is. I used to do static stretching, then got into dynamic stretching but this Resistance Stretching seems to really be doing the job. I can see myself getting a lot looser. 


Master Tennis Pro

I have been training for the last 2 months for the Rock & Roll Half-Marathon in San Diego and I met Jeebee. I have been a long time user of KT tape but I gotta tell you, she taped me up (with RockTape) & I was a tiny bit skeptical but I ran 5 1/2 miles and I had NO pain. I felt a ton of blood flow which was really interesting. She had done some posture taping which really helped my form. I had no pain at all so I'm really impressed!

LESLIE -  Runner

    Wounded Warrior Tennis Camp Volunteer

Jeebee just stretched me out really great. I feel fantastic. I've been having problems with my knee and my right hip but the way that she did it, she showed me a couple of ways to do it on my own and it's great. If you haven't seen her, go to her. 

Denisse Montoya

Chicago, Ill.

jeebee yim



North San Diego County

Fallbrook, CA

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Email: info@MoveFreeBeStrong.com


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