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Ki-Hara Resistance Flexability Training

Loosen Up & Remove Muscle Tension to Move Free &  Be Pain Free

What is Ki-Hara ?

  • Resistance Stretching is a method that increases strength while improving flexibility at the same time. This balanced approach builds resilience to move and recover quickly and also reduces joint and muscle stress & injuries. 

  • The FOCUS of Resistance Flexibility is threefold:

    • To Activate a target muscle (strength train or concentric contraction)

    • To Maintain a controlled contraction without recruiting other muscle(s) while

    • Lengthening (stretching or eccentric contraction) throughout the entire range of motion.

  • This is a safe and effective method to stretch because YOU are the one in control throughout the moves. YOU determine what your body needs and wants: the pace, the level of resistance and the range of motion.  

How does it work?
  • There are SELF stretching exercises for all of the major upper and lower body muscle groups which you can learn. No special equipment* is needed because you use your own resistance and gravity to strengthen and stretch dynamically. These are NOT static stretches.

  • There is also ASSISTED stretching during which a KI-HARA or DCT Certified trainer helps to problem solve specific muscle imbalances. Trainers provide the resistance in unique movement patterns to release the target muscles as well as those surrounding the problem area. 

  • Both SELF stretching and ASSISTED stretching focus on removing both muscle tension and fascial tension.

  • Trainers may also utilize  a method  to increase blood flow, warm up the body before stretching and/or to flush toxins. This deep work helps the trainer locate areas of tension even unknown to the recipient and creates a more lasting effect during sessions.

How can I benefit from Resistance Flexibility?
  • ALL Ages and ALL levels of activity/inactivity can benefit regardless of cause or duration.

  • Decrease/eliminate limited movement due to strain or injury that causes you discomfort due to:

    • Overuse, previous injury, surgery and/or faulty movement patterns.

    • Bad Posture either short term or over decades due to living patterns, work habits or even childhood injuries.

  • Eliminate tension (“knots”) to free up inactive/scarred/inflamed muscle tissue to slide, glide, contract, and stretch as it should. In short, it can help you to Move Free.

  • Move Efficienty Active athletes can develop more explosive power & endurance with less “work” and fatigue.  

How do I get started?

Simply call/email to set up a convenient time or to set up a consultation to discuss your specific questions and needs. Simply select one button now to Move Free without tension/pain and reach the next level of carefree performance.

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