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What is it?

You may have seen RockTape on amateur or pro athletes as well as on those undergoing physical therapy. It is made to stretch and “breathe” allowing full movement of the taped area and is unlike the old athletic tape you may remember. I was introduced to kinesiotape by a physical therapist and used it for over 6 years to mitigate the pain of chronic Achilles tendinosis. 

How can it help me?

RockTape movement tape has multiple benefits for athletes & non-athletes, for posture & pregnancy.

  • RockTape mitigates pain by interfering with the pain signals sent to the brain - thus turning down the pain "volume"   that your body hears. 

  • Recovery is optimized. Application of RockTape decompresses an area of swelling and inflammation allowing faster removal of inflammatory by-products and improves circulation as the area between the skin, fascia, and muscles is “decompressed” providing more space for fluids to move in and out faster. 

  • RockTape delays muscle fatigue. This is key for Athletic Performance and for Rehab for not only the target areas but also for the surrounding areas as compensation occurs with muscles that are currently not working well.   ​                                                                                                                                             

  • RockTape normalizes muscle tone. When injured, fatigued or sick, normal function is affected. Compensation occurs starting a chain reaction of dysfunction - other body parts start to do the work of the affected area. RockTape helps to activate dormant muscles and to calm down overactive muscles to restore functional balance.​

  • ​Helps to correct faulty posture by providing feedback when one moves out of alignment. Tape is applied while in a neutral posture so when one moves out of position, feedback is immediate.

  • Pregnancy and those undergoing post-surgical Rehab.  Special taping techniques have been created for pregnancy challenges such as low back or sacroiliac pain, swollen ankles, sciatica, rib and postural support and more. Other special populations include dogs and horses. 

How does it work?

  • Ultrasound studies demonstrate a lifting effect on the skin resulting in decreased pressure on nerve endings and pain receptors which then alter pain signals to the brain. 

  • This same lifting effect provides a partial decompression of the lymphatic vessels thought to fascilitate (pun intended) reduction of swelling.

  • The same lifting effect appears to improve circulation as the area between the skin, fascia, and muscles is “decompressed”, providing more space to move, if you will. This may enhance recovery by allowing more blood and oxygen into the affected area(s).

  • Kinesiotape also provides an added awareness of good posture by providing feedback to self- correct faulty posture and dysfunctional movement patterns.

  • You can shower with it on - simply blot dry gently. I have many active clients who have used one RockTape application for as long as 10-14 days!!!

Who can use it ?

  • RockTape can be used by almost any age from young children to the elderly to help with most musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction. There is special tape for those with sensitive/thin skin and also tape for dogs and horses.

  • RockTape is simple to apply and contains no latex but if one has high sensitivity, use of a text patch is recommended.

Getting Started

Simply click below to make an appointment to try RockTape. I can tape 1 or more sites quickly and easily and I can also teach you how to apply it yourself as well as how best to remove it.


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