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Personal Testimonials

Jeebee is a lifelong student of all things relative to functional movement and soft tissue realignment. She is humble and sweet and could literally get along with anyone as though they had been friends for years even though they just met. Her energy is infectious and her optimism a breath of fresh air. And when it comes to work ethic and accountability, she is the master and I trust her implicitly. I am proud to know Jeebee and be able to count her among my friends and colleagues in the emerging genre of Resistance Stretching.             



Dynamic Contraction Technique 

Pacific Coast Sports Medicine

Jeebee made a world of difference with my glutes, my hamstrings, my IT band. I feel like I can go disco dancing right now. I feel so light, I feel so wonderful. It does a marvelous thing to your mind and body.              


Director of Tennis

Bonita Bay Club, Florida 

I'm Bryan Hannley with Nu Motion in Tucson, AZ. I'm a physical therapist. I've had chronic pain in my back for nearly 10 years and I just went through Resistance Stretching with Jeebee and I tell you, "Just after 5-10 minutes of doing this, I can already feel a bit of a difference and want to explore and start doing this a lot more. 


Nu Motion - Tucson, AZ

I just got stretched by Jeebee - first time ever and now, I actually feel like I can go play tennis.  I usually teach for a while then when I sit down and I have to go back and teach, I feel like 84 years old. Now I feel like I'm 22.   Thanks for the stretch, Jeebee. That was awesome!!!


Director of Tennis

The Riviera Tennis Club

Pacific Palisades, CA 

"Jeebee has put me on the road to the recovery of the pain-free, flexible body I once knew. She is a joy to work with – attentive, caring, clear in her directions, fully focused on the challenges I am facing. Her understanding of the mechanics of the body are unparalleled in my experience. I feel very very fortunate to have found her!"


I'm here at the Balboa Tennis Club with Wounded Warrior Tennis Camp. Jeebee RockTaped me up really well so I just gotta say, "I haven't hit that many serves that close together that wonderfully with NO PAIN". Awesome job, Jeebee. Thank you so much!


Tennis Player

San Diego, CA

I live a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, healthy eating and the enjoyment of being a road cyclist. became clear that I needed to do something about the pain I was experiencing. These included lower back pain, neck pain and worst of all, pain in the buttocks area via the piriformis muscle.

Jeebee was very thorough and knowledgeable and helped me achieve my pain-free goals. I was able to log over 3,000 miles in each of the following 2 years with a new personal best at the Mt. Diablo Challenge in California.  I will always be grateful to her. She is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their issues.


Avid Bicyclist & Racer

I could not get off the couch and here I am, day 3, doing tennis because of Jeebee - her magic hands...  and this fantastic tape. Loving it!!!


Wounded Warrior Tennis Camp

San Diego, CA

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