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From Biotech to Body Tech

San Francisco provided the BEST playground to grow up in.  Cable cars, fog & hills, iconic neighborhoods & sites,  along with a rich and varied ethnic mix of food and cultures were my world.  My mother was a lifeguard and surfer so that, plus the playground down the street shaped my destiny. Now, I am a much older "kid" who still loves to play but how I play as an older adult is with conscientious attention to proper preparation, functional movement, and recovery.

High School PE teacher and coach followed by almost 30 yrs in pharma & biotech led me to here & now. What I LOVE MOST is what I am doing NOW.  I get to blend my love of learning, teaching, movement and science to improve quality of life for others.  I simply LOVE what I am doing and consider myself blessed to be able to fulfill so many of my passions.

I can help you "get better" whether you are a couch potato or an elite athlete, whether you are looking to relieve pain caused by an injury or an imbalance of muscle function or seeking ways to reach the next level in your competitive sport.  Your circumstances are unique so I create functional movement therapy based on your goals, lifestyle, and budget.  It is about YOU so I focus on teaching self-care practices and building your toolbox of knowledge to help yourself.  


BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!  2 shoulder surgeries and a double disc injury 10 years later led me on my lifelong journey to learn as much as I can about different methods to help myself and others achieve and maintain a healthy and fit body.  Don't let obstacles, small or large, get in your way! We will work together to help you make the changes and adjustments needed to reach your specific goals.  It is NOT about simply quelling symptoms, it's about resolving the root issue(s). 


I bring great determination and passion to everything I do and everyone I work with.   We can move mountains together - one rock at a time; don't let age or duration of dysfunction deter you from getting better.  GET MOVING BETTER NOW!  A simple phone call is the  first step.

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