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Outline of Mountains

Professional References

Jeebee Yim  760.710-9035

Holistic Functional Fitness Trainer

Nicolas Bartolotta, MPT, HHP

Pacific Coast Sports Medicine

Dynamic Contraction Technique LLC

310. 873-4422

Jeebee is a lifelong student of all things relative to functional movement and soft tissue realignment. She is humble and sweet and could literally get along with anyone as though they had been friends for years even though they just met.  Her energy is infectious and her optimism a breath of fresh air. And when it comes to work ethic and accountability, she is the master and I trust her implicitly. I am proud to know Jeebee and be able to count her among my friends and colleagues in the emerging genre of Resistance Stretching.

Mary Pat Faley

Director of Tennis

Riviera Country Club

310. 454-6162

Glam Slam Tennis Co-Founder

Supervisor & Colleague

Glam Slam Academy-Bay Area & SoCal


  • Recovery Trainer

    • RockTape kinesiotaping​

    • Ki-Hara Stretch Therapy

    • RolFlex Self Care & Fascia Release

  • Tennis Fitness & Dynamic Warm-up


  • Pain Free Tennis, Prepare-Play-Recover Play Stronger & Longer, Foot Release

RENEE SITTER_edited.jpg

Renee Sitter, Program Director

Tucson Racquet & Fitness Club

Supervisor 2007-2018

520. 795-5004 X 120


  • Instructor Postural Fitness Classes

  • Co-creator of Posture Program

Susan Bianchi, MS

Intrinsic Health Systems Founder

Ki-Hara Master Instructor

NKT Speaker

310. 454-6162

Sean Drake, DC

Athlete Chiropractic Owner & Founder

RacquetFit* - VP

602. 810-6664

Tennis Congress, Tucson 

  • Team RacquetFit

  • Recovery Room colleague

  • RockTape, Ki-Hara Stretch Therapy, RolFlex Self Release

RacquetFit Certifications​

Master Instructor & Colleague

Ki-Hara Training - Levels I, II, III

  • Organizer Tucson Training

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