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for Pain Free Movement

What is Dynamic Alignment?

Dynamic Alignment helps you move better without pain and eliminate compensations and/or dysfunctions. Are the right muscles working efficiently or are other muscles compensating? Our bodies adapt to whatever good/bad stimulus we expose it to: hunched over a computer for hours at a time, overuse from activities/work without proper recovery or bad posture due to imbalanced function.  Previous injury, accidents, scar tissue, job demands, inflammation and stress all add to the challenge of maintaining your "machine" in good working order.  Align and balance your muscle function to restore Motor Control.

Own your movement, own your body!

There is no ONE answer so I combine different methods to help you reach that ever-changing functional balance.  The Egoscue Method is a well established Postural Therapy program that uses a series of stretches and gentle exercises designed to restore full, natural function to muscles and joints. Pilates principles of diaphramatic breathing, scapular stabilization and proper core engagement are also incorporated.  I have found that Resistance Flexibility Training  is one of the most incredible methods to remove both muscle and fascial tension while building strength and flexibilty  simultaneously.  This "see-saw balancing dance" of muscle function restores smooth, controlled slide/glide & strength throughout the range of motion. And . . . IT FEELS GOOD!  It's often described as "slightly fatiguing but relaxing at the same time" and almost always, one feels looser, "lighter" and more free. Tension is diminished and change is felt virtually immediately. 


What does posture have to do with function or pain?

One's posture and how one looks is simply a static glimpse into how a body moves and functions.  But we are built to MOVE so we must assess function through MOVEMENT.  Think of your alignment as a well designed multi-level house. One would most certainly want a strong and stable foundation but one that also "gives" adequately with extremes of wind, rain, heat, or cold. Your body must have both mobility coordinated with stability in order to be active yet safe from strain or injury. Everything is connected so what happens to one part affects all of the other parts. 

Get better, Recover Faster, Bounce Back

I discovered through my own injuries/surgeries that there are multiple ways to "bounce back" and be better than ever. Life is Movement so the important question is "Do you know how to get pain free, prevent injuries,  mitigate pain, improve performance, endurance, resilience, and speed recovery time?  

I can help you help yourself -  to Move Freely and Get Strong.

How Do I get Started ?

Book an appointment or schedule a free consultation to find out how you can "Improve the Move".           Just click a button below to get moving efficiently and pain free.

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